Procedures: NBI Clearance for Foreigners + Renewal of NBI Clearance

Note: The images are the screenshots from NBI Clearance website whilst the information were from my husband. This was done last year of July.

NBI is now making things easy for the applicants. Imagine the horror we all experienced whilst applying for our clearance.  And the biggest question is, what it is like for the foreigners, where maybe in their country things aren’t like this. But here’s a good news, foreigners doesn’t have a long queue unlike the locals. Although they also need to go to an online application.

First we went to NBI Clearance website  and register. On the Applicant Type, choose “New”

nbi (1)

Fill out all the required fields. You must have a valid email address. Accept the terms of services and click ” Sign In”

Enter your email and your password and click “Sign In”

nbi (2)

Then click the “Edit Information”. Fill out the remaining information for your profile. Make sure that you input were all true and correct otherwise punishable by law. And save all the information that you encoded. And then click ” Apply For Clearance “

nbi (3)


Provide two valid IDs. And click “I Agree”

nbi (4)

You have to select which branch you want to claim your clearance. But foreigners MUST apply their clearance at the NBI Main Office.  Select “Local” for purpose. And for the purpose details, choose “BID Requirement”. It’s for the immigration requirement. And there you can see the amount he is about to pay for a total of Php 115.00 plus a charge of Php 25.00 if you chose to pay on the Payment Center. In our case, LBC.

nbi (5)

And then he just got his reference number and print it off. Paid everything at LBC, and kept the receipt containing the reference number that’s needed to be shown at NBI.

He brought the following:

  • Original Passport + Photocopy of it from the bio-page up to the latest visa sticker of his arrival/renewal
  • ACR I-Card + Photocopy of it. Front and back.. He presented his new ID with an error. And like I said it doesn’t matter to them.
  • Online application form
  • Receipt from LBC
Side note: At NB, you are NOT allowed to wear shorts/slippers. 
Here are the step-by-step procedures that he did:
  • He went to the 2nd floor, to the Alien Registration Office and filled out an Alien Registration Form No. 5
  • He went to second floor again for the biometrics. Finger printing, photos and signature
  • And lastly, he once again went to the Alien Registration Office for the manual finger printing and signature. And forwarded his photocopied requirements

At the back of his receipt, he was advised to go this July 6 or onwards. We are planning to claim it this coming second Friday of July and proceed once again to the main office of the Immigration.

Renewal of NBI Clearance

We practically did the same procedure like the last time. This time though, it was alot quicker and easier. We went to the NBI Office very early, and as expected it was a “walk-in, walk-out” procedure. After 5 minutes he was done with his application.

He only brought his:

  • Old Original NBI Clearance
  • Photocopy of his passport and its pertinent pages
  • Photocopy of his I-Card (front and back)
  • Receipt from LBC

They just wrote the date where his assigned to return. When we came back  days after the actual date of his return, we just went straight to the Releasing Area, showed once again the receipt, and claimed the clearance.


9 thoughts on “Procedures: NBI Clearance for Foreigners + Renewal of NBI Clearance

    1. Hi. When when my applied for the NBI Clearance he didn’t submit any medical certificate. He only forwarded the photocopy of the pertinent pages of his passport, and a back-to-back copy of the ACR Card. And showed the proof of payment.


  1. Oh and please don’t forget to bring two valid ID’s (passport and ACR Card are enough. If you’re just going to renew the clearance, bring the old clearance with you. Hope this helps.


    1. Hi Lyn. Yes. The applicant (foreigner) still needs to go there even if it’s for renewal. All he needs to do is to bring his old NBI clearance and the receipt as a proof of payment. He doesn’t need to fill out anything like the first time he applied for the clearance. It was a walk in walk out application. After 5 working days or so you can claim the clearance. Hope this helps. 🙂


  2. Hi, what if I’m just a representative of my foreigner friend and he’s back in the States. He sent me all the requirements needed, including an authorization letter. Can I still book online using my email address?


    1. Hi. I think you can claim the clearance in behalf of your friend. Provided that there are no discrepancies. And you have the authorization letter with your friend’s signature of course and your valid ID. To make sure, please bring a photocopy of your friend’s ID, too.


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